protecting commercial property assets stabilize bankrupt properties

Our Services:
Adept Receivership Services

Stabilize Operations
Contain Costs
Establish Court-Ordered Bonds
Raise Tenant Confidence
Retain Tenants
Review Physical and
Financial Reports
Administer Leases
Property Maintenance
Complete Repairs
and Improvements
Analyze Recoveries
and Reimbursables
Disposition or Deposition
Because ACPM owns and manages multiple property types, we are a natural candidate to step into the owner’s place in receivership situations. We are adept at creating customized plans for operationally stabilizing properties, protecting asset values, and enhancing efficiencies to reduce waste during property transitions.

Manage Immediate Transition with Experienced Staff

By deploying ACPM’s experienced team, which has managed this process for multiple owners, we are able to begin mitigating risk and ensuring the property has maximum value at disposition or repositioning.

Establish court-ordered bonds, as well as provide reporting as required by the courts.
Raise tenant confidence level that the property will continue to be maintained without interruption.
Review all physical and financial reports.
Make recommendations for options: loan restructuring, loan sale, property sale, or other solutions.

Stabilize Property & Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Our initial focus is on retaining tenants, stabilizing the physical property, and engaging all parties with clear, open communication. At the same time, we actively seek opportunities to maximize revenues to ensure steady property income.

Tenant retention
Lease administration
Building maintenance at the appropriate level
Completion of existing repairs and improvements
Monitoring and managing expenses and containing costs
Careful analysis of all recoveries and reimbursables

Also of benefit is ACPM’s development and construction expertise, which allows us to complete any unfinished projects from any point in the process.  For our clients’ convenience, ACPM provides customized budgets and reporting packages for each of its properties.

Disposition or Reposition Property Intelligently

Working with our NAI partners, we provide brokerage services that optimize real estate transactions for our clients by assembling the experience, relationships and information required to make good decisions, negotiate strategically, and complete sound transactions. 

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